Zuhur Prayer


The congregational Zuhur prayer is guided by our own Ustaz after lunch everyday. Both typical and special kids with established sitting tolerance and ability to follow instructions take part in this session.

They learn about the fiqh of ablution and prayer, recitation of verses from the Quran, du’a and zikir. This whole session is a good break from the daily formal lessons, a break where they look forward to the most!

We have this as part of our Full Day program which ends at 3.00pm everyday.


Autism Movement Therapy


We started our Autism Movement Therapy (AMT) session in 2015. These sessions involve music, dance moves and loads of fun!

“There’s a bridge between the left and right hemisphere that transmits information. What happens with our kids is that the transmission of the information is not going through. Dance and music forces the brain to reorganize itself. Through the music and the movement the child is being asked to hear the music, process the sequence and the patterns, and then dance, it takes both sides of the brain to dance.“

Joanne Lara, founder of Autism Movement Therapy